The Adventures of Joanie and Juliet

“If anyone is ever shopping for me, I am a size window seat in plane tickets.”

– The Travel Women

Book Description:

Get ready for an unforgettable journey to Italy with siblings, Joanie and Juliet! This delightful story not only takes readers on an exciting adventure through Italy, but it also instills a love for travel and discovery. Despite their initial reluctance to go to bed, as soon as Joanie and Juliet slip into their cozy flannel pajamas, they are transported to the heart of Italy where they explore the wonders of this beautiful country. Join Joanie and Juliet on their thrilling adventures and let this book inspire a lifelong love of travel and exploration.

About the Author

Rishawna L. Gould was born and raised in Washington, DC and started traveling with her family at a young age. She has had the opportunity to explore many different places, including Canada, Germany, France, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and more. Upon graduating from American University, her parents took her on a 7-day cross-country drive across the US, which changed her perspective on her country and taught her the true meaning of humility. Rishawna's passion is exploring new things, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences from interacting with cultures other than her own. She believes that travel is an alternative way to immerse oneself in geography, history, culture, gastronomy, language, biology, and more. She hopes that black and brown children of color can experience the same opportunity by visiting states and countries outside of their local jurisdiction. Rishawna is currently a full-time graphic designer and a stroke survivor. This is her first writing project. In her free time, she illustrates, travels, and is a volunteer community advocate.

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The Adventures of Joanie and Juliet is so cute! I loved the concept of special pajamas triggering a child's imagination for travel! I could relate! The author’s words easily helped me to imagine the pictures that would accompany them in a book. I think there is something special [in the works] with Joanie and Juliet. Looking forward to their next adventure!


- Crystal Martin, World Traveler and Aunt, Bowie, MD

I enjoyed the warm bond and adventures of the characters as they journeyed through Italy. As a teacher and a mother of little ones, I appreciated how the story was written in a poetic style. Young readers gravitate to rhyme…For students, especially those from communities that lack resources and live in areas of low social-emotional status, this book provides an opportunity for them to travel using the power of the mind's eyes.

-Nicole Fape, Author, mother, Licensed Teacher - Pre-K thru Second grade for at risk youth, Hazel Crest, Illinois

I love The Adventures of Joanie and Juliet. It is a great children's book! Just the right length and age appropriate. As a teacher, I like how the reader can draw inferences and assume they are dreaming and imagining in order to fall asleep. Amazing job!

– Kelly Johnson, Kindergarten Teacher, Richmond, VA

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